Blog Community Track #2

Reminder: Don’t forget our TMU Raffle! The deadline has been extended by two days, so the new deadline is now on Wednesday the 28th. Results will be posted on Thursday (the 1st of March).

It’s been quite some time since the creation of the second TMU Blog Community Track began, but now, after a long time of hard work, the track is finally here!

BT Com #2 – The Island Express is, as the name so graciously suggests, set in the Island environment. The track it self is simple yet extremely fun to play. The simple design makes for a nice driving experience and is good with the eye.

While the track isn’t exactly the most difficult track around, it do offer quite some challenging parts when it comes to making good times. There are many places where time could be saved in a great fashion, and as the track isn’t hard to complete at lower speeds, plus has a more simple design, it should be excellent for online play and general WR hunts (so don’t forget to submit your times at TMX).

The Island Express Screenshot

The Authors

The following authors should be thanked and congratulated for making this awesome track:

  • Ozku
  • MikoZ
  • Topork
  • Gommers
  • Loozerr
  • Shady (track tester)

MediaTracker work by:

  • Smok3y
  • Hastings

Special thanks to:

  • Smok3y, for an excellent screenshot
  • Gommers, for leading the project

Many thanks to the authors, and I hope everyone will enjoy the track 😀

BT Com #2 – The Island Express *** (direct download)

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2 Responses to Blog Community Track #2

  1. TimeBreaker says:

    screenie looks awesome

    next i want to make a part in the comm track too 😀

    write a news here then please^^
    or just sign me in already

  2. Jozii says:

    The third one is already running, and they are half-way done, and I don’t know when the fourth one will start. Probably at the same time as TMX begins the fourth official round.

    I won’t post about it here, but I’ll try to remember that you want to be a part of it 😉

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