TMU Raffle

The idea of making a sort of “lottery” where you can win in-game coppers is already old and over-used, so I thought we could take it to the next level. With this TMU Raffle, you can purchase “tickets” (there are several kinds, each with different prizes) for an amount of coppers. Later on, random winners will be drawn (one to five per ticket type).

Simple but fun, and as there are several types of tickets to choose from, you can buy the one(s) you find the most interesting 😉

The Tickets

1. Review Ticket

  • Prizes: 1 free Track Review
  • Winners drawn: 3
  • Cost: 25 coppers

2. TMX Raid Ticket

  • Prizes: The TMU Blog (read: Jozii) will “raid” your TMX account (test up to 10 of your tracks uploaded at TMX and award the ones worth awarding) + give feedback on what’s good/bad about the tracks
  • Winners drawn: 1
  • Cost: 50 coppers

3. In the Spotlight Ticket

  • Prizes: Have a post dedicated to you, where your tracks, creations, servers, clans, achievements, or just about anything positive conserning you is revealed to the public – A day in the spotlight, in other words
  • Winners drawn: 1
  • Cost: 75 coppers

4. Mini Copper Ticket

  • Prizes: 50 coppers
  • Winners drawn: 5
  • Cost: 20 coppers

5. Mega Copper Ticket

  • Prizes: 75% of all coppers from ticket sale
  • Winners drawn: 1
  • Cost: 100 coppers

How it works

Here are a few points of interest you should take note of:

  • You do NOT have to buy all types of tickets – choose the one(s) which offer the prizes you are interested in. But of course, buying tickets of each type increases the fun 😉
  • You can buy up to 5 tickets of each type to increase your chances of being drawn. However, you can not win the same prize twice. If you buy several tickets of the same type and one of them is drawn, the others (of the same ticket type) are automatically excluded for the next draw (if any).
  • Winners are selected by drawing a number of random tickets (equal to the “Winners drawn” point listed above) for each ticket type. The owner of each drawn ticket wins.
  • Deadline for entering the raffle (purchasing tickets) is on Monday the 26th (so hurry up!). The results are listed on Tuesday.

How to buy

To buy one or several tickets, send an in-game message to “Jozii” (by using the message system through the Optional Toolbar in the upper right corner in the game). In the message, include the following:

  • Under “Donation”, include the amount of coppers all of your tickets cost together.
  • In the actual message, include information about what type(s) of ticket(s) you buy (simply state the number and/or name of the ticket(s)) and how many you buy of each type (max 5).

If you have any questions regarding this raffle, simply comment this post or e-mail

Enjoy 😀


27 Responses to TMU Raffle

  1. T_Z_ says:

    How do we win? Are the tickets like a number or something? Then you choose one?

  2. Jozii says:

    The “tickets” that you buy are mixed and one of each type (or several, depending on the type of ticket) is drawn at random. How this is done I haven’t yet decided, but it doesn’t matter… the important thing is that the winners are just selected at random, and that buying several tickets of the same type increases your chances of being drawn 😉

  3. micster says:

    Just bought some, and yup, the more you buy the higher the chance, so if Coppers are meaningless to you, you might as well enter as many as you can. 😛

  4. Jozii says:

    That’s right, Micster, you might just as well use your coppers for this (ticket 1-3) if you don’t find any use for them.

    But don’t forget the copper-related tickets (ticket 4-5) because of that – The “mini” version is cheap and has a higher rate of winners, and the “mega” version is going to be a large one with many coppers to win 😀

  5. T_Z_ says:

    I have 1### coppers 😀

  6. Jozii says:

    Plenty to “gamble” with then 😛 😉

  7. insane says:

    lol, 6000 coppers here, maybe i will buy some more still 😛

  8. Jozii says:

    6000? :O That’s a lot for the average player 😛

  9. snake55wildcat says:

    I wish i known about this sooner! i’m going to get some coppers tonight just for this

  10. Jozii says:

    You still got the rest of the day + tomorrow left 😉

  11. [PDX]Snake55wildcat says:

    thanks for reminding me, i forgot about tomorrow lol
    i’ve decided what i’m going for, i’ll say in the TMU PM system tomorrow night, since my copper amount updates 11.00PM, not 12pm GMT lol

  12. Alselius says:

    cool thing ,really!
    a nice way to spend my coppers (though i only gave 625)

  13. JumperJack says:

    amazing!! 😀

    going to send you a message in a few minutes… 😉

  14. micster says:

    Haha Alselius, I payed 625 Coppers too. I think I know which tickets you bought. 😉

  15. JumperJack says:

    i’ve spend 835 coppers on tickets… 😛

    but i’ve bought some of all tickets. 1 from one, 2 from anther, 3 from the third, etcetera… 😀

    this is going to be a really fun lottery!! 😉

  16. Alselius says:

    Lol Micster, i hope you didn’t buy the same ‘cos then it’s a lower change for me to win 😀

  17. Jozii says:

    Micster and Alselius, you didn’t but eactly the same… the cost just happened to be the same 😉

    JJ, I sure hope it will… but there’s currently one problem, and that is the “Mini Copper” ticket… currently, everyone who has bought at leats one ticket there will win, cause it hasn’t exceeded 5 participants… That ticket sure is the least popular 😛

  18. JumperJack says:

    looool jozii, and i’ve bought two of them… 😀

  19. Jozii says:

    Actually, three 😛

    And I just realized, what’s the point of buying more then one (two max) of that type of ticket? If you win, you can only win once, and then you only get 50, so in total you will have lost coppers 😛

    But I’ll tell you what, unless more than 5 people buy that type of ticket, you who actually have will receive your coppers back PLUS 50 extra coppers (so then it’s a sure-to-win situation 😛 ) – And yes, that offer was a hint for more people to buy one of the Mini Copper tickets 😛

  20. Alselius says:

    lol, i don’t want more coppers 😀
    I mean – i have all starbuck, sadhik and wrc skins right now (sorry for the authors i didn’t mention), carpark is also opened, have enough of them to make some poor official times…
    What more do i need them for?

  21. JumperJack says:

    you need them to donate them back to the blog – lol 😉

  22. [PDX]Snake55wildcat says:

    time’s almost here to send in my coppers,

  23. [PDX]Snake55wildcat says:

    i can’t get the coppers to you tonight jozii, i’m really sorry, could you extnd the rallfe for one more day? sorry for any inconvieince 😦

  24. Jozii says:

    LoL, that’s a great idea, JJ 😛

    Wildcat, I had a little problem fitting all the planned posts into the schedule, and I’ve busted my ass trying to get it right, but whatever i did there was always something wrong with something not meeting up to the deadline, or something that cause two posts in one day to appear (which I’d normally try to avoid)… I finally had to settle with something that worked fairly well, but which still forced me to delay some things (like Track Reviews, so don’t get too upset those of you who have requested them 😛 ) and double-psot some days.

    But then you came along and said “could you extend the raffle for one more day?”. What a brilliant idea! :O I tried all variations I could possible think of, while all the time the solution was as easy as that – extend the raffle! 😛

    So, thanks Wildcat… and the raffle has hereby been extended by not one but two full days! The new deadline is on Wednesday, and the resultys will be posted on Thursday 😉

    And my apologies to those who have to wait a few days longer for this… 😀

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  26. [PDX]snake55wildcat says:

    Thx jozii! :D, glad to help also 😉

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