Is this a Joke?

What do you get if you mix the Desert and Rally environment?

A dirty American!

(Unfortunately) That’s all you get today 😉


16 Responses to Is this a Joke?

  1. Buchi says:

    I dont get it. sry -.-

  2. Alselius says:

    Sad you don’t get it Buchi…
    What you get if you mix Bay & Coast?
    A drifty streetrace 😛

  3. JumperJack says:

    looooool jozii!! 😉

  4. Buchi says:


    well, i havent smiled yet, maybe someone wants to explain it…

  5. alcator says:


    “American” is the nickname of the car that is driven in Desert (Speed) environment. Rally is generally a racing event through lot of dirt and dust. Thus, if you mix the two, you get dirty American.

    Let’s turn this into a competition: Who invents the funniest english text joke based on Trackmania? (so no pictures allowed – the joke must be deliverable by writing/reading).

    == My try: ==
    Civilian: Excuse me, am I required to stop at a checkpoint?
    US Army guard: Only if you respawn in one…

  6. micster says:


    Boo, Hiss. 😛

    Just kidding, nice joke. 😉

  7. TimeBreaker says:

    lol trackmaia jokes 😀 thatll be funny^^

  8. Jozii says:

    LoL, I just posted this because I ran out of time to post something longer 😛

    I had another TM joke yesterday evening, but I’ve forgotten what it was 😦

  9. T_Z_ says:

    have you heard of dry jokes?
    They’re really sucky jokes that makes you laugh because they’re not funny 😀

  10. alcator says:

    A real experience some of you might find funny: Yesterday I was playing TM:Nations a bit again, I was going through my Nations tracks, but I watched the whole intro movie, and for the FIRST TIME in nearly a year that I have TM:N, I understood that during the camera flight around the cars on grass, the voice says “Gentlemen – start – your – engines!” Before, I thought he was saying something like Four, Three, Two One.. 🙂

  11. Jozii says:


    Hearing problems, Alcator? 😛

  12. alcator says:

    “Go backwards and to the left.” – *Rooooarrrr!* – “To the left!” – *RRRRoooooaaaaaarrrr!” – “BACKWARDS!!!!”

  13. alcator says:

    Boy: “Dad, I don’t like it here…”
    Dad: “What??? I bought the best seats? We’re right at the green! We have perfect view of the match!”
    Boy: “It’s not the grass in front of me that worries me… It’s the smashed bodies and wrecked formulas around us that does…”

  14. Jonkster says:

    How is Driving a fast Island car around a tight circut like eating a hot curry?
    Both will leave skidmarks if taken to quickly!! 😀

    Ok, i know its lame, its the best I could do… 😉

  15. alcator says:

    Jonkster: Lol 🙂

    That reminded me of an aging school question: “What makes a road broad?” – “Letter B”

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