Advertisement – for[F07]sake, Remix Edition (Track)

For[F07]sake (Remix) is a full-speed Stadium track, originally created by Djoszee for Nations. This remix edition has been customized to fit the high United standards, and the results are simply astonishing!

If you are in to speed combined with breathtaking technical twists, this track is absolutely something for you! A PF start, loops, engine cutter, off-road, great transitions, and an awesome layout. You simply won’t be disappointed!

For[F07]sake (Remix) Screenshot

Additionally, the original Nations version of this track was highly underrated, and so is this one! The track isn’t completely without awards, but it has far from the amount of awards it deserves. So please, don’t forget to drop an award at TMX for Djoszee’s work on this wonderful track!

for[F07]sake (Remix) (Direct Download)


2 Responses to Advertisement – for[F07]sake, Remix Edition (Track)

  1. JumperJack says:

    and it absolutely deserves more awards, just like the nations version!! 😉

  2. F07Markus says:

    i totally agree JJ 😉

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