Banner Contest – Vote

A while ago a Banner Contest was started to help find a new suitable banner for the blog, and once and for all settle an official blog banner.

The time has now come for you guys to vote on Hawk_ger’s previous banners that have been displayed here, as well as a few of the challengers that have entered the contest. In total we received 11 different banners from creative minds, but as said in the first posts for the Banner Contest, only one or two makes it to the voting part.

Below you’ll find a list of Hawk’s two best banners as well as two challengers!

Now, the only rules that apply for the voting part of this contest are the following:

  1. To vote, you must either comment this post stating which banner (#1, #2, etc.) you vote for or, if you prefer to keep your vote a secret, e-mail
  2. You may only vote for one of the below banners.
  3. You can NOT vote for your own banner.
  4. Voting ends on the 12th of February.

In case of a tie, I (Jozii) have the power to decide who wins.


So, here are the four banners:

TMU Blog Banner 1 #1 (Hawk)

TMU Blog Banner 3 #2 (Hawk)

Banner - Tonic_91 #3 (Tonic_91)

Banner - TimeBreaker #4 (TimeBreaker)

So start voting, the banner with the most votes becomes the new face of the TMU Blog 😀


24 Responses to Banner Contest – Vote

  1. Andree says:

    I like Tonic_91’s banner best

  2. micster says:

    #2 is the best in my opinion. 🙂

  3. iBlueHH says:

    i like;)

  4. alcator says:

    #2, definitely

  5. insane says:

    great ones by hawk, but i have to admit i liek tonics best…

  6. TimeBreaker says:

    #3 is pretty nice

  7. RaVaGER says:

    oh here’s my vote: #2 by Hawk is best imho!

  8. Alselius says:

    Why didn’t you put my banner here, Jozii?
    Sorry when i was late :$

  9. Jozii says:

    Well, there were a lot of great ones to choose from. The first thing I did was to ignore those I really disliked (was only one, and don’t worry, it wasnät your 😉 ). Then I removed those who I thought would not be suitable for the blog because they would become “annotying” to look at for a longer time (like, too colorful/bright colors, or too blury). Your banner fall into that category (which doesn’t mean that it’s bad, just that it isn’t sutable as the header of a website).

    Last but not least, I chose the two I liked the most among what was left… 😉

  10. Juspe says:

    Number three!!!!
    …rocks most 8)

  11. TimeBreaker says:

    ok, so my vote, well im not sure, i really like all 3, but first one gets a bit boring after some time, 2 is way better i think, but after some time a bit boring too, and #3 is the newest i know and with lots of details and very nice ps work :D, i defnitely choose #3

    well coming to #4 , i kinda liked my one, but it started making be bored even while i was making it :P, but hey, it was my first test, making a pic in such a strange format, my biggest problems were, that a banner is pretty small, so its not easy to put in viewable details :S after making the banner ( this morning^^) i got the idea, just to stretch the banners size from 750 x 140 to for ex. 1500 x 280 or even bigger -.-

    but im proud of my first banner and proud of my first sotw so i can live with the 4th place 😛

    also i really would have liked to see the other banners, that wouldve interested me a lot

  12. Jozii says:

    TimeBreaker, I think your’s (#4) is the best one too, to bad it hasn’t gotten any votes at all 😦 My second choice would be #2, the current one. It’s stylish yet simple.

    #3 is good, but I think the pictures are way too small, and so is the text. Imagine if it would be sized down to for example place a link at a website. With all the banners you can see that it says “TMU Blog” even at small sizes, but on #3 you can only see TMU, which for me is a big minus.

    Anyway, I’ve proven before that I’ve got weird taste before 😛

  13. TimeBreaker says:

    i should have made a more interesting background, that was my fault but nice to see someone likes it^^
    cant wait to see my works in some months^^ ill improve from day to day

  14. Lena says:

    Hello dear old mate! How are things? I hope they’re good and that things are working out properly. Have a great time! Bye!

  15. T_Z_ says:

    lol… #4 😛
    I like the cars and the sunset on the back, the others are kinda dark…

  16. Jozii says:

    Lena, my old friend 😀 How on earth did you find your way here? 😛 It’s good to, ehm, see you 😉

    I know you probably have no idea what we’re talking about here, but it would be cool if you too could vote for one of the above banners 😉

    T_Z_, I agree!

  17. TimeBreaker says:

    btw, the cars are screenshots by me 😉

  18. […] Banner Contest – Last Day of Voting Today is the last day for voting on the banners in our Banner Contest. If you haven’t already, I urge you to place your vote now 😀 See the banners and place your vote in this post! […]

  19. JumperJack says:

    oh, almost forgot to vote… 😀

    i’m sorry HAWK, your banner #02 is really awesome, but i like Tonic’s #03 just a littlebit more…

    however, even when i’d voted on #02, banner #03 already was a huge step in front of you, so my vote is not that important anymore… 😉

  20. Ploppy says:

    Got to be #2 in my opinion.

    I like them all but #2 edges #3. Those 6 screenshots in #3 ruin it for me.

  21. djoszee says:

    The banner created by Tonic matches the site design best.
    Second choice is hawk3, which matches the site design single-best

  22. Weird says:

    i like #2. (2nd choice: #4)

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