Track Review – InsaneTraction

Track: InsaneTraction (Download)

Author: Micster (TMX)

Type: Race

Environment: Alpine

Length: 45 sec (author time: 0:47.37)

Mood: Night

Custom Content: None


First Impression

Impressive intro (which increases my expectations for the rest of the MT work) and a *insert swearword here* of a lot of awards. First round of driving made me kind of, well, sleepy, but overall the track is  looking good!

Track Design

Snow (or Alpine) tracks are usually very fast, despite the slow nature of the cars. People tend to use quite a lot of boosters, which is indeed very fun. InsaneTracktion is in fact not an exception, even though I thought otherwise on the first run. The tracks is not at all difficult to complete, but you need to stay sharp in order to make it perfectly. There are some jumps that require precision if you want to maintain your high speed, but they are not too difficult to get through at all. However, if you can’t complete these good enough, you should probably find another track, as you will find this one boring (not hard, but boring).

Other than the rather slow drive for beginners or people new to the track (well, perhaps even those who have never before seen the track can complete it fast at the first run, but most will probably need some time), the design is very good. Interesting parts, quite smooth, and with the already mentioned tricky jumps and twists to the track. A good rating, in other words. Rating: 8.5


Alpine tracks are not hard to make good looking, and InsaneTraction doesn’t fail either. But the scenery is also not outstanding or even unusually good. Above average, but a bit boring to make for a perfect score. Rating: 8.0


The intro is nearly perfect! Great but simple design, and a very nice and smooth way of introducing the track.

In-game: Nothing at all!

Outro: Not bad at all, but too packed with special effects. The camera sometimes go through the scenery, and it is sometimes hard to see more than just the car. Also, trails are cool, but they should be used within reason, or they just get annoying or less cool in the long run.

So a good MT work, especially the intro, but far from perfect. Rating: 7.5


There are some cool original parts in the track, but not to the point where the track could be called an innovative track. Quite decent amount of originality. Rating: 5.0

Fun Factor

InsaneTraction is indeed a very fun track to drive, but only once you get the hold of it. Plus, after that, it gets boring again quite quickly. Overall it’s only an average fun track, but once you get into it, it becomes really fun, and that’s a plus for the ratings. Rating: 7.5


Great design, but a bit slow to begin with. The scenery is good but lacks originality, and lacking originality is something the rest of the track does as well. Overall a fun track to drive, but perhaps it is a bit overrated…

Final Rating: 7.5 (good)



– Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 10 (perfect). 5 is average.

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3 Responses to Track Review – InsaneTraction

  1. micster says:

    Thanks for the review Jozii! This info will be extremely helpful for future tracks. 🙂

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