Track Review – ITC Jungle

Track: ITC Jungle (Download)

Author: ORA (TMX)

Type: Race

Environment: Desert

Length: 45 sec (author time: 0:50.91)

Mood: Day

Custom Content: Mod

 ITC Jungle

First Impression

Tracks by ORA are usually great tracks. And this one has got 6 awards already one day after release. However, upon the first drive, it’s quite a disappointment. Perhaps famous authors are overrated after all, and get a bit too much extra attention just because of their names…

Track Design

ITC Jungle was made as a track for showing off a new mod, which ORA has made himself. Perhaps that’s an excuse to not make an extremely creative or innovative track, but unfortunately this is a track review, not a mod review (nice mod, though 😉 )

The design of the track is not that bad, but not outstanding either. For a Desert track, ITC Jungle is incredible fast, which makes it a lot more challenging (which is a good thing). However, thinking of the actual layout of the track, it’s not that special.

It’s a smooth, fast, challenging and surely fun track, but compared to what it could be, the track design lacks finesse, innovation, and feeling. Rating: 7.0


The scenery is quite simple, yet not too bad. Unfortunately, those big fat “poles” (or whatever they are) have been used to exaggeration throughout ITC Jungle, and at places, the scenery is straight out boring.

However, as this is a track meant for a mod, I guess that mod should count for something – and naturally, that’s the scenery rating! The mod is very good, with a “jungle feeling”. It sure adds to the otherwise poor scenery, and therefore saves the scenery rating a lot! But still, far from perfect… Rating: 8.0


Intro: A few cam changes with a bit of special effects (such as the camera shaking). A bit too quick and appears to be a bit random as well. A disappointment, in fact.

In-game: Nothing, but it’s not required. But no “special features” (such as a GPS) either.

Outro: A bit like the intro. It fails to properly show the race, and some of the camera angles are straight out bad. However, the outro got some nice top-down views, so it’s not too bad.

Overall, the MT work is quite disappointing. Everything required to make a good intro and outro is there, but it’s not really designed too well, looking a bit random. Below average, I’m afraid. Rating: 4.0


Nothing really original with this track, except for the high speed. The mod adds a bit to the original rating as well, as it adds a fresh feeling for the Desert environment. Rating: 4.0

Fun Factor

ITC Jungle is, despite other flaws, very fun to drive. Especially the unusual speed for a Desert track makes the track fun and interesting, and the mod makes the ride even more enjoyable. Some challenging parts also make it fun for time-hunts. Rating: 7.5


An overall nice design but with a lack of innovation and creativity. The scenery doesn’t add much to the appeal of the track, but the mod the track was created with sure spice things up. The MT work is not lacking, but it appears a bit “random” and has a few flaws – a nice attempt, but the result is below average. Additionally, there’s nothing really original about the track, but despite that, the track is actually very fun to drive.

A decent attempt, and a nice track for showing off a mod, but in order to really appreciate this track, you must either love the mod or be a true Desert lover.

Final Rating: 6.5 (decent)



– Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 10 (perfect). 5 is average.

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