Screenshot of the Week – Week 4 (Special Edition)

This week the SotW looks a bit different. Even though the TMU Blog is (obviously) United only, this post is a Nations Special, with Nations screenshots made by Fòólie. Some who are still playing Nations may find this interesting, while others who have played Nations in the past might remember the good times when they see the screenshots. If you have never played Nations, here’s a little overview of what you’ve missed 😉 (although you got basically all of it with United, so perhaps you didn’t miss that much after all 😛 )

Screenshot of the Week, Nations Special

– Screenshots made by Fòólie

Belam2 geryy9 interbx3

Screenshot02jx3 Screenshot75hk4 sweto5

Fòólie is awarded 100 coppers for this collection of screenshots!

Do you have a screenshot (from United)? Send it to!


6 Responses to Screenshot of the Week – Week 4 (Special Edition)

  1. Kellerkind says:


    they look pretty good!

    i like them! good work!

  2. HeaH says:

    I remember I saw hes project once…

  3. insane says:

    good job foolie 😀
    they look pretty awesome

  4. TimeBreaker says:

    wow great screenies :O

    hehe i thought jozii doesnt make exceptions 😛

  5. Jozii says:

    TB, I usually don’t, butas this was a nice, larger collection, I did… but don’t expect em to do it again 😉

  6. TimeBreaker says:

    hehe sure ^^

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