Track Review – DjoShorty#03

Track: DjoShory#03 (Download)

Author: Djoszee (TMX)

Type: Race

Environment: Alpine

Length: 30 sec (author time: 0:30.64)

Mood: Sunset

Custom Content: Signs

Track Pack: DjoShorty Pack


First Impression

Short tracks are usually fun, but also harder to make really great, as there’s such a short racing time. This seems to be the case with DjoShorty#03 as well. However, the trck seems good, and quite challenging, but it’s far from prefect.

Track Design

The design of DjoShorty#03 is quite simple, yet very effective. The short track (about 30 sec) has some very challenges parts, not too hard to actually complete, but very hard to get a good time on. An instant online classic, in other words!

The turns in this track are often sharp and sudden, which is quite fine with Alpine tracks. And in DjoShorty#03, the sharp turns add a lot to the challenge. Beginners might find this frustrating, though.

There are no stunts or major jumps, and the flow is good once you get the hang of it.  Rating: 8.0


The scenery is quite simple as well. Very sutable for a short track. From hills to tunnels to forests to buildings. The variety is very nice. Rating: 9.0


Simple and perhaps a bit lacking intro, but a very nice outro. No in-game MT work, but none needed. Rating: 6.5


There’s nothing really original woirth mentioning. The nice changes between long and sharp turns are not new, but not too common either. But nothing else, really. Rating: 3.0

Fun Factor

DjoShorty#03 is really fun and challenging to drive, even with the short length. In fact, the short length only allows you to play more times without getting bored. Overall, a fun track, but it lacks the real driving variety of a longer track. Rating: 7.5


Good design. Even though there are no stunts or larger jumps, the track has a changing scenery, tricky turns, and a lot of challenging parts. Very smooth, and should be ideal for online play, as there are a lot of places to get some seconds off your time.

Final Rating: 7.0 (good)



– Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 10 (perfect). 5 is average.

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2 Responses to Track Review – DjoShorty#03

  1. djoszee says:

    Nice…thanks a lot

    (there are some typos)


  2. Jozii says:

    Well, as I post daily, I’ve kind of stopped proof reading in detail :$ Too time consuming…

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