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EDIT: I forgot to add the TMX Track List to the Features Overview below. The post have been edited, and this feature should now be listed there along with the others.


Unless this is your very first visit to the TMU Blog, you are probably aware that we post Track Reviews every few days. Most of you also know that it costs 250 coppers to have a track reviewed. For some, this might be too expensive, so today we are announcing a shorter and cheaper version of the traditional Track Reviews, called “Quick Reviews“.

A Quick Review differs from it’s larger brother by the means of text. There’s a lot less text in a Quick Review, but the main points are still there. Instead of including longer paragraphs, a Quick Review simply consists of a list of what’s good and what’s bad about your track.

The price: 50 coppers! Not too bad, right? This should be an ideal choice for those who do not want to spend 250 coppers on a longer (though more detailed) review, and for those who just want the “main points”.


Now, as I know there are quite a few new readers (I can tell by the reader ratings on my magical statistics page 😉 ), I thought it would be a good idea to summarize all the features – purchasable and free – this blog has to offer:

Track Review – 250 coppers

You can have one of your tracks reviewed at the blog. Reviews are honest, and will therefore point out both the good and bad sides of your track. A traditional Track Review consists of a longer text describing the ups and downs of a track in detail, as well as a rating given on several headlines (Track Design, MediaTracker, Scenery, etc.). Ideal if you want to advertise your track as well as receive some feedback on what you are doing right or wrong.

Quick Reviews – 50 coppers

Quick Reviews are similar to Track Reviews, with the difference that they are a lot shorter, consisting of a simple list of the ups and downs of a track. A final rating is given to the track as well.

Track Advertisement – 150 coppers

Note: If your track really isn’t any good, it won’t be advertised. I’m not going to say nice things about something I really don’t like. Coppers will of course be returned, in such unlikely case.

If you don’t want to receive feedback and ratings on your track, you can have it advertised instead. An advertisement points out what is good about your track, attempting to draw more downloaders to it.

Other Advertisements – FREE!

The TMU Blog would be happy to advertise almost anything related to TMU. A few examples: Servers, teams, clans, websites, communities, etc. And the best part: All forms of advertisements, except track and contest advertisements, are completely free!

TMX Track List – 300 coppers

The TMX Track List is another form of advertising for tracks. Everyone who joins this list will have their latest, most awarded track at TMX listed here at the blog every time the list is updated. The list is updated about once every second week. Note that tracks uploaded to TMX before the list was updated the last time will NOT be included in the next update. This is to keep the list fresh and up to date.

The payment of 300 coppers is only required once to join the list. After that, your name and one of your tracks will appear on the list every time it is updated (unles you haven’t uploaded a new track in a while).

Contest/Event Support – A Link

If you are hosting a contest, the TMU Blog would be happy to support the contest in one or both of the following ways:

  • Advertisement in the blog
  • Coppers

The last simply means that you will receive coppers (between 100 and 5000 depending on the size of your event/contest) to be used as “prize money” in your event/contest. In return: A link to the blog at the place where the contest is hosted.


If you are interested in one or several of the above, don’t hesitate to contact the blog. If you have questions, e-mail, but if you want to get right down to business, send a message to “Jozii” in-game (the optional toolbar, upper right of the screen). If the feature you are interested in costs coppers, don’t forget to include them (type the number next to “Donations”) in your in-game message.


8 Responses to New Feature + Features Overview

  1. Hubby says:

    Very nice indeed with the new quick review feauture 🙂

  2. Jozii says:

    I’m happy you think so 😀 Hopefully some will find it useful.

    Also, I forgot to list the “TMX Track List”, which is of course one of our features. I’ll edit the post and add it 😀

  3. Buchi says:

    Hey, where is the new Banner at the top? 😦
    It rocks hey

  4. Jozii says:

    Ah, so you like it? It kind of got some bad reactions from a few others.

    I didn’t mean to put it there in the first place, as the banner was not meant as a blog banner (it’s for another prohect, by the blog) 😛 But I liked it, so I let it stay for a day, to see what other might say.

    There’s been words about hosting a contest for creating abanner for the blog. Probably this contest will become reality, and when finished, we’ll have a new official banner 😀

  5. Micster says:

    Finally a real use for my coppers! Who do I donate to for a review?

  6. Micster says:

    Oops, never mind the above comment! Just found out who to send the coppers to.

    I just tell which track I want reviewed right?

  7. Alselius says:

    Great to have a list of things here: I didn’t know many of them!
    Now i can advertise RPT here, for free!

  8. Jozii says:

    Micster, you must mesagge me (Jozii) in-game, stating what eactly you want (track review, quick review, etc.), including anyrequired coppers, and stating the name of the track (if you want a review or advertisement for a track).

    Alselius, this list also exists at the “Service” link 😉 And what’s RPT?

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