Track Review – Junkyard

Track: Junkyard (Download)

Author: Gadget (TMX)

Type: Race

Environment: Coast

Length: 1 min 15 sec (author time: 1:07.75)

Mood: Sunset

Custom Content: None


First Impression

Seems like a respectable track but perhaps a bit… well, not special. A series of jumps just doesn’t quite do it. But is it a junkyard? Absolutely not!

Track Design

The track mainly consists of a series of jumps (some more challenging than others) combined with some tricky curves. And, well, that’s it! Nothing out of the box, which is a bit sad.

However, many of the jumps are quite challenging, and a little interesting detail is that many of them are made out of a road just “ending”, the car dropping a bit, and then landing in the middle of a curve coming from the left or right side. This doesnät add much difference to the actual driving, but it looks cool. Also, both the jumps and turns of Junkyard are not poorly designed, so after all, the track design is not that bad.

As for smoothness, Junkyard is quite respectable as well.  Rating: 8.0


The scenery is quite natural, bringing us the usual Coast feeling. Varied and interesting. It also uses the actua track as a part of the scenery very well, which is a huge plus. Rating: 9.0


Let’s make this in form of a list:

  • Intro: A series of “frozen pictures” (the camera is not moving) rounded up with slow “flashes” making the entire screen go light blue before changing to a new camera angle. At the same time, the track name and the name of the author moves from one side to another in opposite directions compared to each other. Quite decent.
  • In-game: None used, none needed. But no GPS or “special treats” either 😦
  • Outro: Does what an outro should do: follows the car through a series of different camera views. As the intro, quite decent, but not over the top.

Rating: 7.0


The jumps ending on curves are not a new idea, but they’re not seen that often either. Weather this is because people don’t like them or because people have just “forgotten” about them I don’t know. It’s a plus for the ratings, anyway. Additionally, some of the jumps are a bit original, adding even more to the ratings.

Other than that, nothing really original about this track. Rating: 6.0

Fun Factor

Junkyard is fun to drive, but considering the lack of variety within the track itself, it does get a bit boring after not too long. Sadly, as the general design of the track is otherwise quite good. Rating: 7.0


A nice design with some varied and interesting scenery. The MT work is respectable as well, but the lack of variety within the actual track (only consisting of jumps and curves) causes the track to be a bit boring in the long run.

Final Rating: 7.5 (good)



– Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 10 (perfect). 5 is average.

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One Response to Track Review – Junkyard

  1. alcator says:

    Amazing track. Try it!

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