Driver’s Contest, Round 1 Aftermath (+ Round 2 info)

As you may know, the TMU Blog started a Driver’s Contest a while ago. You can find out more about this contest by clicking the “Games & Contests” category to the left.

So, the first round of the contest is now over. You can see all the results further down, but first, let’s check out the replays:


Each race now has a combined replay video which you can download and watch. Note that two of the races do not have a replay, due to some problems. However, the results of these races are still listed further down.

So, here are the videos. They should be interesting to watch, especailly if you have placed a bet on one or several races:


And now to the actual results:

  1. JumperJack (53.47) vs. Affo (55.22) WINNER: JumperJack
  2. TimeBreaker (53.89) vs. RaVaGer (55.26) WINNER: TimeBreaker
  3. MikoZ (x) vs. Fòólie (54.25) WINNER: Fòólie MikoZ has been disqualified
  4. Buchi (54.74) vs. NeoRufus (54.47) WINNER: NeoRufus
  5. Alcator (57.28) vs. Topork (56.62) WINNER: Topork
  6. KellerKind (53.35) vs. [PDX]Wildcat (55.94) WINNER: KellerKind

The winner of each race moves on the the second round, and the rest have been eliminated!

Here’s a complete list of how each individual contestant did compared to the rest:

  1. KellerKind (53.35)
  2. JumperJack (53.47)
  3. TimeBreaker (53.89)
  4. Fòólie (54.25)
  5. NeoRufus (54.47)
  6. Buchi (54.74)
  7. Affo (55.22)
  8. RaVaGer (55.26)
  9. [PDX]Wildcat (55.94)
  10. Topork (56.62)
  11. Alcator (57.28)
  12. MikoZ (disqualified)

The second round of eliminations has now begun, and you can read more about that here.


Weather you are a contestant or not, you have the possibility to bet coppers on the races for round 2. Here are the details:

  1. To bet, send between 10 and 200 coppers to “Jozii” in-game.
  2. In your message, state what race(s) (1, 2, and/or 3.) and what contestant (the name of the contestant) you bet on.
  3. You may bet on several races, but only bet on one contestant in each race. If you bet on several races, remember to state in your message how the coppers should be divided between each race (for example, you might only want to bet 25 coppers on one race and 50 on another).
  4. The minimum bet for one race is 10 coppers.
  5. Obviously, you may NOT bet on your self or your opponent if you are one of the contestants, only on the other races.

[B]NOTE:[/B] If the contestant you bet on in a race wins, you win your bet multiplied by the odds for that contestant. If not, your bet is lost.

Here are the odds:

1. KellerKind (1.30) vs. Fòólie (4.35)
2. JumperJack (1.35) vs. NeoRufus (3.60)
3. TimeBreaker (1.50) vs. Topork (3.15)

The numbers in brackets are the odds. Note that these aren’t scientifically calculated, just roughly estimated based on the previous performance of each contestant. Please, do not complain against these odds. The betting is meant for fun, and if you find that some odds are “wrong”, don’t say it or complain about it, just bet if you find an advantage and don’t bet if you find a disadvantage (or better yet, bet anyway, as it’s still quite fun 😉 )

All coppers lost when betting goes to the TMU Blog and will be used for future contests. All coppers won are paid by the TMU Blog!


13 Responses to Driver’s Contest, Round 1 Aftermath (+ Round 2 info)

  1. Buchi says:

    Argh, look who is the best loser 😦

    Anyway, it was funny to compete
    Congrats to the winners, especially to NeoRufus 😉

  2. Hastings says:

    Oh yeah … none of the contestants I bet on won. 😛

  3. Kellerkind says:

    Why you didn´t bet on me? hehe

  4. TimeBreaker says:

    nice time, especially kellerkid 😀

    im happy my time was enough

  5. alcator says:

    I should have tried more 🙂 I thought getting the gold should suffice 🙂

  6. Kellerkind says:

    Thx TimeBreaker. But you were also good. You were in front. I overtook you at the waterjump, so it was only luck hehe.

  7. TimeBreaker says:

    the waterjump is gay, i never was able to land on thegrass, did you? didnt watch the replay so far

  8. Jozii says:

    I don’t think that’s possible, TB.

  9. TimeBreaker says:

    but then the track is even worse than i thought before 😛 because i often crash on the waterpart

  10. alcator says:

    Well, in reality, you’re supposed to do a water touchdown jump: You hit the water with enough speed and you bounce off and land behind it. But I agree, this wasn’t the most intelligently chosen track 😦

  11. Jozii says:

    As said before, the whole “using a track from BotW”-thing is forgotten. In fact, if you are not a contestant, you may recommend a track 😀

  12. [PDX]Snake55wildcat says:

    Can I reccomend Village Idiots(by me) just wondering because are you allowed to reccomend your tracks, if not i’ll choose Rallycross R1(By MikoZ


  13. Jozii says:

    You were the author of Village Idiots? I belive that track scored quite highly when it was reviewed here at the blog (seems like ages ago 😛 ). But, you can’t recommend your own tracks 😛 RallyCross will be considered, though 😉

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