Track Review – Blue Water Green Lawn

Track: Blue Water Green Lawn (Download)

Author: Bachl (TMX)

Type: Race

Environment: Stadium

Length: 45 sec (author time: 0:48.89)

Mood: Day

Custom Content: None

Blue Water Green Lawn

First Impression

Blue Water Green Lawn was previously in the Best of the Week (at TMX), and with a total of 24 TMX awards (at the time of writing), this must be a good track. As I just tried the track for the first time, I must however say I’m a bit disappointed. The track is not at all bad, but does it really deserve all the awards it got?

Track Design

Something that makes Blue Water Green Lawn stand out from other United Stadium tracks is that it has a kind of “Nations”-style. This is really nice to see, but it also limits the track preventing it from being what it could be. Although plenty of the new blocks that come with United are included (there’s even a dirt section), these are not used to their full potential, making the track too similar to Nations tracks.

Additionally, there are some “weird” design flaws, such as engine stopper blocks placed at high speed straights with checkpoints not far away. Only really inexperienced players would experience these as a “threat” (which is what they are supposed to be, right?).

There are some loops, both a custom made one and one made using the actual loop blocks. The jumps are really nice and some can be challenging for some players, but more experienced players should not have any difficulties with these (which makes the track less challenging). However, easier jumps often equals smoother jumps, which is also the case for this track.

Also, the design is really suitable for online racing (but there’s too much scenery to really make it an online track).  Rating: 8.0


The scenery in Blue Water Green Lawn is, just as the overall design of the track, quite Nations-oriented (well, same environment, yes, but the new United blocks offer so many new possibilities). And just as with the track design, plenty of new scenery blocks have been used, but in a way that makes them “blend in” and cause the track to, well, feel a lot like a Nations track. It’s nice, and of course this is a part of United, but it doesn’t really make the track appear more interesting.

Overall, however, the scenery is quite good. There’s plenty to keep you interested (as long as you are not bored with the Nations theme), and some very well placed scenery blocks. Rating: 8.0


All the MT work is decent, but not exceptional. The intro is simple and unfortunately it looks slightly unprofessional. The outro is quite good, but again, not exceptional. In-game there’s suitable cam changes and a PF reminder in the beginning. There’s also a GPS, which is a plus, but this too has quite a bit left to be perfect. It’s all there, but improvements are needed! Rating: 6.5


As said so many times already, Blue Water Green Lawn is quite a Nations look-alike. And as Nations doesn’t really offer as many possibilities for originality as United does, there isn’t much original with this track. Of course, it is still possible to be original in Nations, but it’s getting harder and harder all the time, and Blue Water Green Lawn is not one of the few who succeed… Rating: 2.0

Fun Factor

Despite all the less good things said about this track, in the end, the track is really fun to drive. The design is really suitable for online play, but the scenery ruins it’s real online potential. For Solo mode, this track is an excellent track for Official mode, as it’s a joy for time record hunters.

If you have not played (or not played a lot, at least) Nations, you will most likely find this track quite interesting. However, Nations veterans will soon get bored with it. Rating: 7.0


Blue Water Green Lawn is a well designed track, but with a few flaws here and there. It has en extreme Nations feel to it, even though a lot of new blocks have been used. Many will find this to be a good thing, especially as it is still mixed with new United blocks, but just as many will find it old and a bit boring. If you are a Nations veteran, this track will most likely bore you, while those who are not too familiar or used to Nations will find this track to be a true joy.

The scenery is very good, but again with a Nations feel, and the MT work is decent, but not exceptional. Regarding originality, this track got a really low score.

As for the many awards given to this track, they are deserved, but not to an extreme point… 

Final Rating: 7.0 (good)



– Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 10 (perfect). 5 is average.

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2 Responses to Track Review – Blue Water Green Lawn

  1. Buchi says:

    Lol, here i am again…
    Mistake in the Headline, there it says “The Water…” should be “Blue Water….” right?

  2. Jozii says:

    LoL, yeah, sorry 😛 My bad…

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