Advertisements – Track by Gommers + Online server

The Truth

Gommer’s has made an excellent Island track called The Truth. This extremely fast track offers a great challenge for beginners as well as skilled players. Including two loops, challenging jumps, and an awesome driving feel, The Truth is a must-have for everyone, weather you’re an Island fan or not.

Here are a few quotes from all the awards given to The Truth at TMX:

“Nice loops, superb jump which can only be taken at very high speed” – Sp4re

“One of the best TMU track’s so far”– CIBR

“Great speed and flow”– Trojaner

The Truth (Download)


The Bestcar Shaguar team has a great server for online racing. Here are a few details:

  • Name: BCS SHAG
  • Location: UK
  • Player Limits: 30 (2 spectators)
  • Environment: All

The tracks run on the server are 90% TMX and 10% Bestcar Shaguar’s own tracks. Additionally, every Thursday night is “members only”, but every remaining day of the week the server is open to all. So if you are looking for a great race, be sure to visit the BCS SHAG server!


2 Responses to Advertisements – Track by Gommers + Online server

  1. HeaH says:

    Is BGS SHAG a round server or a TA server?

  2. Jozii says:

    BCS (not BGS) is a TA (Time Attack) server. The track rotation included 20 tracks, each with a time limit of 3 min.

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