Driver’s Contest – Round 1 (Eliminations)

Last Monday the TMU Blog started a Driver’s Contest. The sign ups for this contest have now ended and the actual contest has started. However, we are also hosting a sort of sports betting-like feature where you, weather you are a contestant or not, can bet on the different “battles” between the contestants. Here’s a list of contestants, who they are racing against, and what their odds are:

1. JumperJack (1.10)vs. Affo (5.00)
2. TimeBreaker (1.20)vs. RaVaGer (4.70)
3. MikoZ (1.35)vs. Fòólie (4.45)
4. Buchi (1.50)vs. NeoRufus (4.00)
5. Alcator – (1.75)vs. Topork (3.75)
6. KellerKind (1.80)vs. [PDX]Wildcat (3.55)

Note that these odds are only roughly estimated and not at all scientifically calculated. Please do not complain if you find the odds “wrong”, as the betting is only an extra feature meant for fun.

To bet (using real coppers), here are a few rules and details on what you should do:

1. To bet, send between 10 and 200 coppers to “Jozii” in-game.
2. In your message, state what battle(s) (1, 2, 3, etc.) and what contestant (the name of the contestant) you bet on.
3. You may bet on several battles, but only bet on one contestant in each battle. If you bet on several battles, remember to state in your message how the coppers should be divided between each battle (for example, you might only want to bet 25 coppers on one battle and 50 on another).
4. The minimum bet for one battle is 10 coppers.

For more information on this contest, check out this thread!


8 Responses to Driver’s Contest – Round 1 (Eliminations)

  1. Buchi says:

    False link ey

  2. Jozii says:

    Ah, I hate the TMX system! Link corrected 😉

  3. TimeBreaker says:

    lol im rated as 2nd best? theres something wrong :$

  4. Jozii says:

    Yeah, TB! Your rating is about 50 000, JJ’s is 74 000 and MikoZ is at 29 000. So yes, you are rated second best 😛

  5. Alcator says:

    Man, do I suck on this one 😦

    Also, it seems Andree didn’t think anyone could jump over the red engine stopper tile, as I keep hitting the distant “shore” of the pool 😦

    Anyway, seems there will be 6 racers after this round – I suggest giving those defeated a second chance, out of which 2 best would still move on.

  6. Jozii says:

    You mentioned that idea before, Alcator, but doing so (having a “second chance” for those who are knocked out) will cost time. I’d like the contest to end before the month is over. Currently, this shouldn’t be a problem, but adding one more stage would cause problems.

    The best idea I can think of is to let evryone who is knocked out before the finals (9 people) race an additional race at the same time as the finals are held. This additional race would then rank the knocked out participants and fill the 4th to 12th positions.

  7. Buchi says:

    Nice idea jozii, i think you can manage it like that

    btw. i hope this does not turn out as a stadium only contest 😀

  8. Jozii says:

    Nope, the challenges will be varied. However, as there are only three tracks to be played (four counting the re-try for those knocked out, not all environments will be included.

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