Contest Advertisement + QQ Reminder

Xtreme Trackers Contest has started a track building contest at their forum! The contest focus on building tracks on specific themes, and then receive points by a number of judges. Highest ranked track wins the rounds and get closer to the finals.

For prizes, coppers are given both to the winners of the separate rounds as well as the overall best participants once the contest is over. The contest run for a longer period of time, each round including the creation of one track per participant.

For more detailed information, a place to sign up and somewhere to ask questions, please click here!

Note: Questions regarding the contest asked by commenting this post or by e-mailing the TMU Blog can not be answered. Please refer to the above link instead.

Would you like your contest, track, server, forum, website or just about anything else related to TMU to be advertised here? Contact!

Question Quest Reminder

As some of you already know, the TMU Blog is currently having a so called “Question Quest” contest. While the deadline for sending in your answers to the given questions is not yet met (Friday the 12th of January), there is no need to wait until the last minute. A lot of people have contacted the blog saying that the Question Quest contest is a great idea, but far from all of those people have actually sent in their answers.

To participate in the current Question Quest contest, simply visit this post and e-mail your answers to Remember that even only figuring out one or two is enough, as the contest is quite hard and challenging. There is no need to have all or even most of the questions answered, as all sent in answers count.

So, hopefully we’ll hear from you soon 😀


One Response to Contest Advertisement + QQ Reminder

  1. Buchi says:

    Thanks very much for the advertising, we hope to get some more people to have un in our contest ^^

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