Driver’s Contest (with betting)

A while ago it was announced that a “HillClimb” contest was to be held by the TMU Blog. Unfortunately, there have been a few problems with the tracks, so the HillClimb contest will be delayed, or most likely even cancelled.

Instead, as a contest has already been promised, the TMU Blog is here by hosting another contest, simply but effectively called the “Driver’s Contest“. The Driver’s contest, as the name implies, is all about driving, but unlike the most common types of contests, this will be done a bit differently…


Alright, let’s cut the talking and get right to it! The contest will be split into three parts: Sign up, Eliminations, and Finals.

The sign-up part, which is obviously what we’ll begin with, is explained further down. But before we go there, let’s see what the contest is all about:

In the first actual racing part, the Elimination part, contestants are matched in groups of two. Each group is then assigned a track, which they must race on. The best driver (one out of two) in each group moves on, and the other one is eliminated. Depending on the number of participants, the Elimination part may be split in to several stages, each stage eliminating more players, in order to have a lower amount of contestants moving on to the last part – the Finals!

And of corse, there are prizes waiting for the best players… 😉

Betting – A twist!

As a little “bonus” the Driver’s Contest also features a form of betting, which is similar to real-life sports bettings. The contestants are given odds compared to their opponent. Anyone, contestant or not, may then bet on who they think will win in one or several of the groups. Obviously, contestants can NOT bet within their own group.

Both the odds for betting and the previous mentioned matching of opponents will be done using the United Exchange WR ratings. Simply, players who are closer to each other in WR rating will compete against each other.

More info on how the betting will work will come once the sign-up part is done!

Sign up

If you are interested in competing in this contest (driving, not betting, as betting can be done by non-participants as well) you must sign up by posting in this thread! There is only one requirement:

– To sign up, you must first have a WR ratingat TMX. You get this by uploading at least one replay to any track featured at the exchange!

Other than that, just go for it. Sign-ups will end on Saturday the 13th of January! Also, there is NO entry fee – the contest is completely free! Simply state that you wish to compete.

I hope anyone reading this will sign up, and good luck to you all 😀


7 Responses to Driver’s Contest (with betting)

  1. Buchi says:

    Your link doesnt work m8, at least not for me…
    the link to thread takes me too TMX mainpage

  2. Jozii says:

    I fixed the link just seconds before I saw your reply :p

    Anyway, link fixed 😀

  3. TimeBreaker says:

    thatll be interesting 😀

  4. Alcator says:


    So, if I understand it correctly:
    If the two best racers on TMX sign up, they will compete against each other and one of them will be eliminated. And if 2 other noobies sign up, they will again fight each other, and one of them will drop. So, in the end, we will have a master-racer fighting a noob in the Finals, while a second master-racer was left out?

    I’d suggest to stop re-inventing the wheel and stick to the already tested and proven principles of hiearchical competitions..

  5. Jozii says:

    Haha, I had the feeling you would say something like that 😛 No one else really gives it much thought 😛

    There are still going to be one-on-one reces, so the matching will be done randomly. Simple, and in some aspects also fair, as everyone has the same odds meeting a complete noob or an extremely skilled driver.

    Have a better solution (no, you can’t remove the one-on-one consept), please feel free to leave a comment 😀

  6. Alcator says:

    Yep, reverse the principle:

    Sort the racers by their WR rating; then, the best competes the worst, second best the second worst…

    There should be some “saving race” for those who lose so they can get back if they have a bad minute or so.

  7. Jozii says:

    Hey, that’s actually not too bad. The saving race we’ll see about (don’t want the contest to last for too long), but the rest is useful.

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