Question Quest – Shortened Sentences

Ok, the last QQ was indeed a bit too easy, but here’s a different one which I’m sure is going to take a while to solve. In fact, I doubt that many is going to find the answer to all of the below questions.

Perhaps a little introduction to what you are supposed to do: As you can see, each questionstarts with a number followed by “=” (equals) and then some letters. The number is something from the world of TMU, and the letters each stand for one word. Your task is to create a sentence by figuring out what the letters stand for. The number in front is there to give you a hint.


  • 6 = V p E means 6 Vehicles per Environment
  • 80 = C p d (w S a O) means 80 Coppers per day (with Sunrise and Original)

Get the picture? Good, let’s start!

The Questions

  1. 6 = L i U
  2. 10 = C p a i O m
  3. 50 = C p d (w O o S)
  4. 7 = E
  5. 2 = C p s m (e d)
  6. 3 = G m i S m
  7. 15 = C w p G m i O m
  8. 5 = D l i S m
  9. 4 = M s
  10. 4 = M p t

No matter if you figure one or all out, please send your answers to, and don’t forget to include your in-game nickname just in case you should win a prize 😉

Deadline: Friday 12th of January!

The 10 best participants each earn 10 coppers per correct answer (max 100).


8 Responses to Question Quest – Shortened Sentences

  1. Hastings says:

    Fantastic idea! =)

    Does a deadline exist?

  2. Jozii says:

    Well, if people would just send in their answers as they read this, that would be good, but perhaps it would be better to add a deadline.

    So yes, there is a deadline: Friday 12th of January (six days).

  3. TimeBreaker says:

    great idea 😀

    awesome !!

  4. Jonkster says:

    Cool idea, i think it will take me a while. I got a couple pretty quicky, but dont have much of a clue for the others…

  5. Jozii says:

    Don’t forget to send in your answers, even if itäs only onw or two you’ve figured out, as I don’t think there will be an overwhelming amount of contestants, and you’ll have a great chance of winning 😀

  6. SteaVor says:

    Shouldn’t it read ’80 = C p d (w S a O)’ ?
    a = and
    You need both games to get 80 Coppers AFAIR.

  7. Jozii says:

    You are right 😀 Thanks for telling. I’ve corrected the misstake.

    And don’t forget to participate now 😉

  8. […] Answers (Shortened sentences) So, as most of you probably know by now, about a week ago a new Question Quest was started here at the TMU Blog. You were all invited to find out what the following letters […]

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