Advertisement: Replay Contest!

Hey you! Yes, I mean you!

Are you an enthusiastic track builder? Do you like adding MediaTracker sequences like a real director?

Hastings has started a so-called Replay Competition. With the support of the TMU Blog you’re reading, he gives out prizes to those who send in the best edited versions of a yet unedited replay he provides in this thread at the TMU Exchange!

The rules are simple:

  • Download the replay.
  • Edit the replay.
  • Not allowed MT track types or measures:
     – “Text”
     – “Image”
     – “Sound”
     – “Music Volume”
     – Deleting ghosts or changing car skins
  • Save the replay in this form: Replay Competition – YourName.gbx
  • Send your edited replay in an e-mail to

The scheduled deadline is January 19th.

For more information, details and naturally the replay-to-edit, check out the thread!

Interested in having your own contest advertised here at the blog? Feel free to contact If your contest or event offers prizes in the form of in-game coppers, also be sure to check our Service page (point #4).


3 Responses to Advertisement: Replay Contest!

  1. TimeBreaker says:

    is transition fade allowed? :S

  2. Jozii says:

    For quicker support by Hastings himself, refer to the thread linked to in the above post.


  3. […] Contest – Results Do you guys remember the Replay Competition the TMU Blog advertised a month ago? Hastings has finally decided who the winners are and published the results on TMX. The best news […]

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