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United Untied

JumperJack at TMX uploaded a track on the 6th of December (2006) called United Untied, and this track has gotten a great deal of attention. And without doubt, United Untied deserves every bit of it! The around 30 awards (at the time of writing) given to the track at TMX, whereof 24 was given in the first week, should speak for themselves. This is simply a beautiful Stadium track! Platform racing, dirt parts, asphalt and off-road, all combined in a fast and technical style. With smooth jumps and an a**-kicking driving feel, United Untied sure is one of the best Stadium tracks around.

Here are a few quotes from the awards given to the track:

“Superb track with great transitions between different road surfaces”– Silvert

“It has a smooth flow all the way and the use of blocks is astonishing” – Quick

“Very good track layout and a superb authortime”– keyS | keek

“Amazing Speed-Tech mix”– Buchi

Additionally, the track has some cool and suitable custom music, MT work on all possible areas, as well as a little special GPS idea.

If you have not downloaded this track yet, there is no excuse to wait further! If you have tried it, please also award it (unless you really don’t like it).

United Untied is a perfect Stadium track, one that everyone should at least have tried once 😀


2 Responses to Track Advertisement

  1. JumperJack says:

    thank you, jozii, for that excellent advertisement 😉

  2. Jozii says:

    No problem, but now that I look at it again, I can see I’ve forgotten to link to the track :s I’m doing so now, hoping no harm was done 😉

    And I hope this advertisement did bring your track some additional attention 😀

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