Article – Destination TMU (by Hastings)

One month has gone by since the release of TrackMania United, the latest update to the TM universe, and the number of players going over from TMOriginal, TMSunrise and TMNations to TMUnited and new TMU players has grown fast, in many countries. Pretty fast, some would say, although the sale in stores and on websites is limited to France and England until February. So who actually buys TMU, and why?

Of course, the solid core of TrackMania fans who regularly race on the internet servers, build maps, create models, paint skins, organize competitions, shoot videos, write programmes and administrate websites are the first people that should be named. Like in every other game, the veterans want to experience a new dimension of their favourite game and consequently shift their activities to where the community is mainly active… and where they get the most credits for what they do. For those people who are neither English nor French, Nadéo offered TMU for sale on their website with a limited number of 10,000 copies. This way, entire popular multinational clans like OTMB were able to shift to TMU.

Not only may TM veterans have exploited this offer, also many of those who raced on TMNations are likely to buy TMU. From today’s perspective, this free internet racing and sandbox game, advertised in game magazines and by the Electronic Sports World Cup 2006., kind of served as a “demo” for the “full” Stadium environment in TMU. Thus, especially the top racers and active clans from TMN gained interest and have showed up again at TMU.

All of the more or less experienced trackmaniacs visited, the main information site from Nadéo for the community. Here Nadéo announced the famous Beta Test N° 3 where more than 1,500 people had the opportunity of an exclusive look on the improvements and additions of the Stadium environment and the new “existential” features. This second demo is very likely to have convinced some more players, be it any of the TM versions, because the honour of being chosen for the test run might have been the trigger for buying the full game, including all the other 6 environments.

What about new players? There sure are racers who have never played any of the beta tests or demos or full games before. But especially many French players have soon decided for TMU, due to its very large French community, several preview articles not only in game magazines and a big report on “NextGen”, a French video game broadcast.

In conclusion, there were and are good reasons that the community is growing fast. TMU, with its large possibilities for a creative and solid community, is destined to be and stay popular and deserves the attention it gets. That Nadéo helps advertising, building it up and providing access, is, in my opinion, a big plus.

This article was written by Hastings.


3 Responses to Article – Destination TMU (by Hastings)

  1. Hubby says:

    Very well written article !!

  2. Alcator says:

    Would it be possible to make a similar article that would concern the StarForce “myth”? I.e., list which game contained which version of SF and what it exactly does etc.?

  3. Jozii says:

    Ehm, well, perhaps it would… if someone who knows what to write (not me then 😛 ) would volunteer 😉

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