Article – The Closing of the Original and Sunrise Exchange

As you may or may not know, it has been decided by the TMX crew that the Original and Sunrise Exchange will be closed. For those of you who are or have been active at any of these two, this is sad news indeed. This post is dedicated to the memory of the two, as well as a newsflash to bring you all up to date.

The Story

Years ago, no one ever dreamed there would be four different versions of the TrackMania Exchange – Original, Sunrise, Nations and United. The progress shows clearly, the improvements are vast, and the history is long. It has been a long and epic journey from Original to United.

The results are what we see today, in the United Exchange. United, the game that brings the three previous games together, and gathers fans and community members from all the previous games into one common area. Original is where it all started, Sunrise was a new experience for Original veterans as well as new players, and Nations recruited plenty of new blood into the community. And now, years after it all began, all of these players can finally come together in one place.

The Future

It is clear that the Original Exchange will be closed shortly, and whiles the Sunrise Exchange will survive for a while longer, it too will see the end in the near future.

But why is this happening? According to MrA, currently the top guy at the Exchange community, the Exchange community has exceeded its size limit. The activity at the Original and Sunrise Exchange is currently so low there is no point in keeping them. “We are spending an additional $35 a month while we have all the sites open, so we don’t want to be spending donator’s money on something which is now getting very little use,” says MrA. Additionally, the TMX crew currently focus entirely on United, so there is no one to moderate or update the Original or Sunrise Exchange.

As for the Nations Exchange, things are looking better. MrA does not want to rule out the possibility of the Nations Exchange being closed as well, but as the facts currently remain, the Nations Exchange is more active than the United Exchange. “We see the Nations Exchange as a gateway to TrackMania,” says MrA.

As most of you know, TrackMania United have not yet been released in stores in most parts of the world, and won’t be until February 2007. To top it all, Nations is a completely free game. It is currently hard to tell how the player activity will be divided between Nations and United in the future. Most likely, the TM veterans who have not already bought TMU in stores or online will do so once the world wide release of the game is completed. However, since Nations does not cost, it is also likely that activity will remain steady even at the Nations Exchange. On the current balance of activity between the Nations and United Exchange, MrA comments “In terms of paying the bills, maybe the Nations Exchange players are actually allowing the TMU Exchange to exist.

Both MrA and the rest of the TMX crew are aware that closing the Original and Sunrise Exchange might not be too popular among the veteran players, but in the words of MrA, there is no point in keeping old stuff simply because it exists. “I think the closing of the original exchange is a good thing as it’s a dinosaur that’s taking up donations,” says Giler from the TMX crew. “The faster the better,” he adds.


In conclusion, it is time to let go on the Original and Sunrise Exchange. Old stuff can’t be kept up and running simply because it exists, and since it’s not free to run four Exchange sites, it would be better to spend the money on the active sites only.

MrA and the TMX crew advice all members of the Original and Sunrise Exchange to get whatever tracks they want, because soon there won’t be any tracks left.

We thank the Original and Sunrise Exchange for being borne, since without them the Exchange community would not be where it is today. However, it is time we all let go and move on, and start looking into the future, at United, and whatever the future might hold for the TrackMania series.

United is the Exchange of today, Nations is a gateway into the world of TrackMania and Sunrise has helped shape the TrackMania series into what it is today, but it is with the first game, Original, that it all began…


5 Responses to Article – The Closing of the Original and Sunrise Exchange

  1. Hastings says:

    Great article, Jozii! It clearly shows the plans of the TMX crew concerning the Exchanges, very good choice of quotes. Did you interview Giler and MrA specially for this article? 😮

    However, I miss proposals of what to do with your old tracks you submitted in the course of the years as an author. That’s an important point for me, because I spent an uncounted number of hours into these projects. Do I have to re-submit them in the United Exchange in order to get them to a safe spot? Are there possibilites of moving these old tracks from the old Exchanges to the new one? What does the TMX crew think about this?

  2. Jozii says:

    All I know is that the TMX crew will save the top 100 (I think) tracks and make a trackpack. Other tracks I belive will be lost unless you save them yourself.

    Perhaps someone from the TMX crew is reading this and could contribute with a comment on this subject 😉

    As for the article, I interviewed both MrA and the entire TMX crew.

  3. MrA says:

    MrD and I are looking at if we can extract the old tracks into some kind of zip file or something.

    Its not quite as simple as itsounds as the files dont exist on the server as tracks, they ae in archives which are described by the database.

    We will have to take the site offline before we can do that anyway as such an opperation will require dedicated access.

    If we manage it, then we will somehow make all the old TMO tracks available, in a zip, or on a CD or something. But they wont be re-uploaded on mass to TMX United.

  4. Alcator says:

    I suggest using BitTorent for sharing the old tracks.

  5. TimeBreaker says:

    i think it was the right decision closing the two sites, noone cares anymore of those, because you can play the tracks in united too and make there new tracks in that enviroment

    just look at the best of the week charts :$
    tm0 got NO TRACK
    tms best track got 2 awards…

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