Track Review – GreenHouse

Track: GreenHouse (Download)

Author: Cricket (TMU Exchange)

Type: Race

Environment: Stadium

Length: 1 min 15 sec (author time: 1:14.97)

Mood: Sunset


First Impression

A dirt track, a story, and enough awards at TMX. Looks good 😀

Track Consistency

GreenHouse starts out with a simple but nice PF start. After that I must say I was disappointed. Most parts of the track consist of large dirt turns, which, since the speed is not that high, makes the track way too easy. There is no challenge in having those wide turns instead of smaller ones, taking the speed into account.

The large turns of course make the track smoother, but there are also non-dirt parts, and some of these are quite un-smooth. There are also two wallrides, and while they work fine, they aren’t perfect either.

The track consistency works fine and is not at all bad, but I must admit that it is below the average. Rating: 2.5


The scenery in GreenHouse is quite sparesome. I like the “GreenHouse” area, but besides that there isn’t much interesting to look at. There is, however, a customised airship 😀 Rating: 3.0


GreenHouse definitely is not like any other track I’ve seen. There are some nice original sections, but in general, all that makes this track differ from other tracks I’ve played is its amature-like style. Rating: 2.0


Nice intro which introduce the track and the story that goes with it – and the story is quite good too. However, there are no in-game effects besides a camera change at the PF start! What happened to the story? It doesn’t show at all once you are driving the track, and it feels like there isn’t any story to it. The outro is very good, though, which saves the MT rating. Rating: 4.0


Overall not a bad track, with some nice parts, but quite amateur-like at some points. Sparesome scenery and some un-smooth parts, but a generally good MT work. Quite an average track with an equally average rating.

Final Rating: 3.0 (average)



– Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 5 (excellent).

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