Workshop + new page!

Before we move on to our latest add to the blog (the Workshop), I’d like to point out that we now have a Link page. Here you’ll find a number of ways for you to link to us 😀 I’m not going to waste everyones time here, but if you have a site of any kind, please check out our linking possibilities 😉

Now to the Workshop. The Workshop is a place here at the blog where you, the readers, will get “tasks” to do. This should hopefully help make the blog more attractive and fun, while you also get the chance to affect the content on the blog.

In each new workshop, one or several tasks will be listed. You may choose to do one or several, or if it’s not your kind of thing, none at all 😉 It’s all up to you!

Today’s task:

Since we just opened up our new “Link page”, I thought it would be suitable to give you all the chance to create one or several banners for the blog. Almost all banners made for this task will get posted for public view in the blog, and really good ones will be used as linking banners or perhaps even as the main banner at the top of the blog.

So, your task is to create banners on one or several of the following sizes:

88×31 (for linking purposes)

90×33 (for linking purposes)

468×60 (for linking purposes)

750×140 (main banner)

Send your banners to



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