Track Review – P – Power

Track: P – Power (Download)

Author: Phonx (TMU Exchange)

Type: Race

Environment: Island

Length: 45 seconds

Mood: Sunset


First Impression

Nice track, quite technical for being in the Island environment. Looks very good.

Track Consistency

P – Power is a technical yet very smooth track. And as always with Island tracks, speed is not lacking. Some areas require good driving skills to complete smoothly, while most areas still doesn’t out-rule less skilled drivers completely. Some areas, however, could be slightly more optimized to achieve perfect smoothness. Rating: 4.5


The scenery is very good. It has variety and adds to the feeling of the track. The scenery is slightly original which makes the track stand out in the crowd. As always, though, there is still room for improvement. Rating: 4.0


P – Power is a rather original Island track. The technical touch is not too common among Island tracks, and as mentioned, the scenery is slightly original too. The track offers unique sections that work very well, and a great combination of speed and technical. Rating: 4.0


P – Power has more and better MT work than most tracks. A nice intro, some cool in-game effects, and a beautiful outro. However, none of these are perfect, and there are no additional effects such as a GPS (which is not required of a good track, but does add to the experience). Rating: 4.0


Technical for an Island track, and while not as fast as the average, the track still has can give you an adrenaline kick. The scenery is good with a lot of variety, and the MT work is above the average. The fact that it is as technical Island track adds to the originality, and also the track has a few other original parts.

Final Rating: 4.0 (good)



– Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 5 (excellent).

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2 Responses to Track Review – P – Power

  1. phonx says:

    Thanks for your review and good rating!

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