Screenshot of the Week – Week 48

Tons of screenshots have been sent to us during the past few days! Many of these have been tweaked in Photoshop (or whatever), and the results are awesome! Below are a few selected screenshots, and further down is the new Screenshot of the Week.

Screenshot Collection

Here are a few of the best screenshots sent to us this week:

Sent in by Jonkster:

Bay Car Alpine Building 

Sent in by Hawk_ger:

Coast Car Stadium Dirt Island Stop

Sent in by TimeBreaker:

Boat Race

Screenshot of the Week – Week 48

Snow Car

Sent in by Hawk_ger

Hawk has been awarded 50 coppers for this brilliant screenshot.

If you would like to see your screenshots being published here in the blog, send them to The Screenshot of the Week will be awarded with 50 coppers.


One Response to Screenshot of the Week – Week 48

  1. TimeBreaker says:

    i prefer the screenie from jonkster with the old car :))

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