Track Review – Village Idiots

Track: Village Idiots (Download)

Author: [PDX]WILDCAT (TMU Exchange)

Type: Race

Environment: Rally

Length: 1:30 min (author time: 1:31.52)

Mood: Sunrise


First Impression

Looks like a first class track, with some cool bumps, a nice concept and quite cool driving. At the first glance, the scenery looks stupid, though.

Track Consistency

A very smooth track (rally tracks tend not to be), with some very cool parts and a technical touch. Extremely nice bumps or “jumps” (not sure if they are big enough to be called jumps), nice driving and a good variety of dirt parts, bridges and off-road. There are a few turns, however, that “takes you by surprise”. While this is more challenging and adds to the driving experience, it ruins a bit of the smoothness. Rating: 4.5


While looking at the intro, where you see the track from above, the scenery looks incredibly stupid. It looks like every single free space have been occupied by a village idiot! However, when you start driving and see it all from a different angle, the scenery is quite good. Very good, in fact. But yet, I can’t help wondering if the scenery have just been slightly exaggerated. I’m sure quite a few coppers could have been spared, while still keeping the nice feel of the scenery.  Rating: 4


There is nothing original about this track, except for the “village idiot” scenery. The track has a few of those popular unrealistic but interesting parts, such as small “gaps” in the road and cool jumps, but these are so common these days, there’s nothing original about them. Rating: 3.5


The intro has some interesting effects and camera angles, but it could provide more visual effects to actually introduce the track (flashing text and those kinds of effects) to make it really stand out.

There are no in-game effects, but none are needed. The outro is very good, but again there is always room for improvement. Rating: 4


Very nice custom music.


A brilliant, quite technical track with extremely nice driving. Cool jumps/bumps, great flow, and a great scenery concept (medieval village idiots!). Nothing really original except the concept, but some quite healthy MT work. Overall an exceptionally good Rally track, something everyone just have to download!

Final Rating: 4.5 (great)



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