Blog Contest Prizes

I would like to build up a larger amount of coppers for use in future contests. While this is already being done through donations, below is a complete list of how you can contribute with coppers, while also getting something in return. Please note that some of these features have been given high costs, to avoid the blog being overloaded with, say, track reviews.

1. Track Reviews on request.Get some extra attention for your track by having it reviewed here in the blog. Reviews will be honest, so if your track is not any good (well, according to the reviewer anyway), this will come to note in the review. COST: 250 coppers

2. Track Advertisement. You can have your track advertised in the blog. The difference of a track advertisement and a track review is that advertisements consist of simply a link and no actual review of the track. Therefore, advertisements are also cheaper. COST: 150 coppers

3. Donations.Donating any amount of coppers is probably the most appreciated way for you to contribute. In return, you will be added to the blog Hall of Fame.

How to?

To do any of the above, send an in-game message to “Jozii” through the optional toolbar. Remember to include the coppers, and to write in the message what it is you want (donation, review request, etc.). If needed, also include the name of your track.

Only one track per author will be mentioned in the blog.


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