Article: How to Get Awards, Part 1 (TMX Special)

Since this blog has a lot of readers from TMX, I’d like to feature a few TMX related articles. Actually, I’d like to start a whole series of articles related to how to get more awards for your tracks at TMX. Here’s the first one, Part 1, which brings up some of the basics regaring how to earn more awards for your tracks:

How to Get Awards, Part 1

How do they do it, those big famous track authors who get tons of awards every week? Well, you’ve already got the answer: Their famous! Perhaps famous is too strong a word, but the point is that more people (referring to those who download tracks at TMX) know them than other track authors, and therefore more people check out their tracks regularly. And of course, they build great tracks, which is often how so many people came to know of them in the first place. This article, however, will not deal with how to build good tracks, but with how to get your carefully selected nickname known to as many people as possible through other methods.

Common mistakes – are you making any of them?

Many TMX members submit their latest track with eager and high expectation. Then they check back every minute or so (exaggerated on purpose) to see if there are any new awards, only to get disappointed that nothing as changed. Not even a submitted replay or a simple comment, and the download rates are extremely low. After a day or two they give up, thinking that no one likes their track.

Am I talking about you? If so, I’ve already spotted several mistakes you’ve done.

First off, already when you submitted the track you went wrong: Don’t set the limit so high. By expecting too much of the track, which many do because most think their new track is just so great, you will end up feeling sad that your expectations were not met up to. Take everything slowly, wait and see what happens. Set your expectations below those your tracks normally meet, and you increase the chance of disappointment greatly.

Second, you checked back way too often. Let a day or two pass by before checking for awards, comments, download rate and/or submitted replays. You might get surprised, but again, don’t expect too much. If you check back too often, you may be happy once or twice that your track have received an award or two, but an hour later you will only end up frustrated that you haven’t received another one. Think of it like this: If you really would get one award every time you checked back, you’d be in the Best of the Week in no time at all.

Thirdly, you gave up too easily. Take your time to advertise your tracks for example through the forum, or even through this blog.

So, let’s do something about it, shall we? 

Weather you recognize yourself in the above or not, it is quite likely that you have a this problem: no one knows you! Take a look at how many downloaded your track. Probably not that many. The following is a few tricks to use to become somebody whose tracks at least a few extra people would want to download:

  • Be active at the TMX forum. Just posting a few times a week helps a lot (but make the content of your posts worth reading – no spamming!). People will start recognizing your name and therefore download your tracks more often (not because of the tracks, but because they recognize the name of the author).
  • Advertise your tracks frequently. By making sure your name is seen with the track, this will not only allow others to notice your tracks, but it will also make your name better known, since you are exposing it as well as the track.
  • Create a server. By creating a server, hosting your own tracks of course, you get some free advertising of the tracks. Getting your tracks known online is a very effective way to get more people to download and award them, assuming they like them.
  • Use the track intro/outro as advertisement. Make sure you “remind” people who drive your tracks that they can award them at the exchange.
  • Make your track appear interesting. Write an attractive author comment to hook possible downloaders. Also make a good looking screenshot to attract more people. How to properly present your track will be the topic of Part 2 in the ‘How to Get Awards’-series.
  • Make friends – get to know people. Knowing people by communicating with them means that they also know your nickname. Take your time to communicate with others in various ways. For example, awarding the tracks you like and commenting those you dislike will give your name extra exposure. Posting at the forum, as mentioned above, is also a great way to communicate with others (maybe even the best way).

It will take some time, but once people know your name and who you are, you are almost certain to get more people to download your tracks. And as we all know, more downloads equal more awards (again, assuming that your tracks are worth awarding). So get out there and expose yourself. It will be worth it!

In part two of the ‘How to Get Awards’-series, we will take a look at the track page, which is where most people will decide if they are going to download your track or not.


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