Track Review – Need For Speed

Track: Need For Speed (Download)

Author: Gommers (TMU Exchange)

Type: Race

Environment: Island

Length: 40 sec (author time: 0:40.39)

Mood: Sunrise


First Impression

After a first round on the track, itit appears quite easy. It is fast, but everything is supersized so you don’t really notice it. After a few rounds, though, you discover the potential of the track. A simple idea that is actually quite nice, was my first impression.

Track Consistency

The entire track runs extremely smooth. Wide roads and loops take turn to thrill you at high speed, but I can’t help thinking that the track in all looks and feels quite boring. The extreme smoothness and the well placed loops, however, bring a original feel that boosts the thrill of an otherwise very simple track.

Overall, Need For Speed is indeed a very smooth track, and that brings up the Track Consistency rating to above the average. Rating: 4


Need For Speed has a simple yet effective scenery. Wide open spaces makes it easy for the eyes, but scenery is not lacking to the point where the track becomes boring. An average scenic feel. Rating: 3


Need For Speed is original in the sense that it uses only the wide type of road built by several building blocks next to each other. This style is common in Island tracks, but it is quite rare that the entire track is made out of it. Rating: 3.5


Need For Speed is lacking a lot of MT work. There is no outro or in-game effects, and the intro is short and not very well worked through. Rating: 1.5


A simple and short track, which uses only wide roads and loops. This makes the track slightly boring in the long run, but due to the speed, the effective scenery (everything has a white or gray tone to it), and the fact that it has no “normal” track parts in it makes it a nice track to play. It should also be good for online.

Final Rating: 3.5 (average)



– Ratings range from 1 (bad) to 5 (excellent).

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One Response to Track Review – Need For Speed

  1. Gommers says:

    Whoow Really Great that my track on this website is 😀 Great!

    Guys.. Try this track and award!! ThX

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