Since this blog is brand new, we do not have many readers yet. Therefore I would love it if the few readers we actually do have could help out a little. Here are a few things you could do for us:

1. Advertise the site. Tell your friends, family, enemies, classmates, coworkers, …, about it and we might get the attention of just a few more readers.

2. Ideas, suggestions and feedback. Feedback is always welcome! If you think something is good/bad, please get in touch with us. Also, if you have an ideas for additions to the blog and the site in general, or suggestions to site content, please let us hear from you. Everything is appreciated!

3. Write. We’d love to post your written work here, may it be a track review, an article, a real-life experience from the world of TMU, or anything else. We only expect you to be a decent writer with fairly good English. If we like your work, we will post it here (of course, you’ll get full credit). If we find you to be a good writer, you may even get to become an author on the site, and be able to publish your own blog posts.

The most simple, and probably most effective way for you to help us is by simply visit the site on a regular basis. You are our readers, and you are what keeps us going! If you want to be more actively involved, though we’d be happy to publish your written works.

Thanks for your support, and enjoy the site 😀


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